Life Cycle Thinking and Policy: Towards a Sustainable Society

2nd & 3rd September 2014, Wellington

The Conference was held over two days at the Comfort/Quality Inn, Cuba Street, Wellington.

Theconference explored the following topic areas: 

  • LCA in different economic sectors
    • Building and construction
    • Agriculture and food
    • Energy (including use of biomass and biofuels)
    • Environmental impacts of biomass and biofuels, including indirect Land Use Change (iLUC)
  • Life Cycle Management
    • Environmental declarations including labelling schemes, challenges in certification, and the role of EPDs and PCRs
    • Sector-based approaches
    • Integrating LCM into corporate strategy (including sustainability strategy)
    • Building internal capability for LCM
    • Novel climate mitigation strategies (e.g. biochar, forest sinks, etc.)
  • Conceptual developments
    • Life cycle thinking in policy support
    • Consequential versus attributional modelling in decision-making
    • Weighting of sustainability impacts to aid decision-making
  • Methodological developments (and applications)
    • Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
    • Carbon Footprinting
    • Water Footprinting
    • Life Cycle Costing